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14 DEC - 21 DEC 2019

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14 DEC - 21 DEC 2019



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Tromsø - The Arctic Capital of the North and has around 75.000 inhabitants. Tromsø is situated at 69° Latitude and placed in the middle of the Aurora Oval. Tromsø is a perfect location to see the Northern Lights. Tromsø has become very popular, but for our photo tour however we will enjoy the less popular and unspoiled locations.

We will be situated around Tromsø for duration of this Arctic Light of Norway workshop. 

As the sun will not rise during the end of November until mid January, we will enjoy the Polar Night and the lights around Christmas time.  

Spectacular locations are in reach: majestic mountains, Fjords, Norwegian Houses, frozen rivers, lakes and water.  

During the polar night, it will not be completely dark so we will have a good window to shoot the Norwegian landscapes. When the sky is clear and the Northern Lights come out, we definitely will chase the Northern Lights. This will be fun and I love to help you to capture this incredible beautiful phenomena. 

The weather cannot be influenced, so we will make the best out of what is being presented during this Into the Polar Night workshop.

The photo tour is suitable for all photography skill levels.  

Book this workshop early as it is limited to 3 participants only. This will give us good quality time to photograph and explore the locations. As I am fluent is in three language (English, German and Dutch) this should not hinder you from booking this photo tour.

What is included:

7 nights accommodation, tuition, transfers to and from Bodø airport, transport during workshop. Accommodation is based on room sharing - 2 participants / room.

What is NOT included:

Flights or other transport to Tromsø airport, breakfast, lunches, evening meals, drinks, beverages, travel, souvenirs and travel and camera insurance.

Our accommodation is self-service, so we need to prepare our own breakfast, lunches and dinner. This will give us maximum flexibility.

Arrival and Departure.

All participants should arrive on Saturday 14h December around 16:30 pm CET at Tromsø airport.  There is a SAS flight from Oslo to Tromsø which arrives at Tromsø airport around 16:20pm CET.  Participants who fly in from London Heathrow should depart from LHR accordingly to make sure that they catch the above flight from Oslo.

Departure will be on Saturday 21st December. Do not book flights earlier than 11:00am CET.  There is a Flight from Tromsø to Oslo at 11:50am CET. From Oslo you will have enough time to catch any connecting flight.  

Participants who fly from from Frankfurt International airport, in the winter there is a direct flight from Frankfurt to Tromsø which arrives around 13:10pm. Departure from Tromsø to Frankfurt is around 13:55pm CET.

Workshop payment

The price for this Workshop will be € 1995,— / Person. Minimum number of participants for the workshop: 2 participants

To secure a place on the TROMSØ INTO THE POLAR NIGHT Workshop I would require a non refundable deposit of € 300,— per person in advance and the remaining €1.695,— for the total cost of the Workshop to be paid in full no later than 6 weeks prior to the Workshop date.

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