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Thank you for visiting Nordic Light Photo Tours. The Home of Light. Light is what drives me day in day out. Light is the most beautiful element in LIFE. Light creates mood, emotions and gives you time to reflect.

My name is Hendrik Anne Zwart and I am a full-time professional landscape and time-lapse photographer focusing on Northern Europe, leading photo tours with an emphasis on the Nordic Light. Nordic Light is the most incredible light I have ever seen. It have generated in me a boundless passion which is a huge privilege to share with others.

I love to chase the light in all aspects, no matter what the weather conditions are. The light is beautiful under hard conditions, a gorgeous sunrise / sunset or late at night. When the light is there….we should be there.

At Nordic Light Photo Tours we embrace Mother Nature. We have specialised in photo tours in the Northern Europe with a focus on the area within The Polar Circle. The Light conditions are so different from anywhere else. Therefore Nordic Light Photo Tours spend most of the time here. We find this place "Heaven on Earth". Why?

In todays society we hardly find any locations where you can enjoy the quietness and peace we need to relax and remove the noise from the brain. We are in constant motion and our brain does not get enough rest in order to find the balance we need in life. Nordic Light Photo Tours is offering the photo tours to those, who want to chill out and find rest and peace in enjoying photographing stunning landscapes.

Enjoy this meditative journey with Nordic Light Photo Tours.